I went to church,

looking for a holy man.

I went to the dealership,

looking for a sales man.

I went to work

looking for a lover of labor.

All of these places

produced opposites.

The holy man is small

in spirit.

The sales man stands around,

waiting for somebody who wants to buy.

The lover of labor,

does it for a hobby.


saves money,

because it costs them too much

to spend.

They are all living their lives

but they aren’t alive.

They are waiting for a sure thing:

an enviable position that they don’t want.

I greeted 500 lost souls at church on Sunday

One of them gave me a high-five and slapped me on the butt

He was alive.

This may sound cynical,

but I tell it the way I felt it.

He hit me hard.

The Pastor performed a skit on the stage

His soul was dead.

I talked to him in person,

about his sermon,

but he couldn’t remember what he said.

It was all an act,

right down to the important people he shook hands with, afterwards.

I am looking for a superman

but if I can’t find him

I’ll have to become him.

I am looking for a lover of life

able to sell a virus,

like a contagious spirit.

If I can’t catch it,

I’ll have to infect


3 thoughts on “A Contagious Spirit

  1. Maybe, when the soul is not engaged then life becomes just just a matter of falling towards what we like and climbing away from what we dislike. And we can’t even call those likes and dislikes our own. If we contact something that matters to the world – isn’t just survival – and engage with it, then suddenly life is passionate, vibrant: we are ‘awake’. Whatever we do, we should aim to do it with the whole of ourselves, and for what it leaves for the world. We don’t need to be ‘super’ to be real.

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