As I miss a day of writing,

I feel

that I have lost something

I will never get back.

Now, this is absurd. Writing, is an unnatural act.

I mean, who takes hours out of their day

to compose an essay

about what happened to them


I do, and that’s a fact.

I don’t feel normal, unless I write.

I think about

how much better my writing could’ve been

if I had started earlier in life

with more dedication,

but unlike many

I believe I have a destiny


like lost dinosaur bones

in the sand


they’re very much alive.

Some think that thinking is a waste of time.

I didn’t write for years

because I picked-up War and Peace

and tried to read it.

It bored me to death.

8 thoughts on “An Unnatural Act

  1. I like to think that every viewpoint being shared – whether by TikTok, blogging, poetry or books, is valuable to human self-awareness. Even those that look toxic or even incite violent behaviour. We need censorship – protection – only for those who are not adult enough to examine carefully what we are going to believe. And maybe that is rather more than just those who are in child bodies. But taking a temporary break also shows that ‘you’ are still ‘in charge’, and not a mere vehicle for a habit of writing.

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  2. Well yeah. I don’t feel justified in my existence, kinda, unless I write. Destiny is a good word for it. I enjoyed war and peace, but am dispirited at times that I could never write it. Mind you, Tolstoy needed an editor.

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