Dan began typing. There was emotion in his words.

Gregson intuited that the clicking sound said, “Too much work and not enough play makes Jack a dull boy,” or “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.”

It’s easy to steal somebody’s life—dictators and homicidal employees do that.

It’s tricky to steal somebody’s soul—only the devil can do that.

It’s evil to steal a man’s heart—women do that in spades, and then they barbecue it on Sunday when he wants to be watching the football game.

The lights went down, and then they went up.

Robin was brandishing a .357 Magnum, but before she shot Dan in back and said her lines, she grabbed an orange juice on the counter and drank it down.

“This tastes like bitter almonds,” she said.

Then, she passed-out.

“Oh—it’s Dan who’s supposed to die,” Suzanne reminded them. “Robin, wake up!”

But Robin was dead, like so many writers who hope for immortality, and are never read again.

“Who made that orange juice?” Billie asked.

Gregson sniffed the broken glass. “Cyanide,” he said.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 8 “Cyanide,” he said.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I haven’t been able to follow anyone in 3 years. My comments are constantly deleted, and my followers get unfollowed. These are some interesting glitches. I keep seeing readers refollowing me. It’s crazy, but I do this blog to write more. Somehow, it helps. I’m glad that you loved the humor! I got lucky on this one.


      1. Well, it’s really a shame you can’t follow anyone. I’ve been told I’m a damn good writer. 😎 There’s got to be an easy fix for this. You can try contacting the people at WordPress; they’re mostly idiots but they should help you fix your settings if you’re interested.

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      2. It may be something as simple as hitting the “subscribe” link on the bottom of the notification emails WP sends you. I suppose it’s possible you never subscribed to receive posts from other WP bloggers. Dunno!


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