I love that no matter how bad it gets

there is stuff

nobody can take away from me,

like the city library.

If I lose my job, I’ll smile, and go to that place I love—

it’s free.

I’ll develop a new comradery

with the bums of the universe


all the wisdom of the centuries,

will speak to me.

It’s no coincidence, that our greatest writers embraced

what society wouldn’t touch.

We have always been

strange distorted men and women

who hide in the shadows

and watch

the moveable feast

that doesn’t know where it’s going

or where it’s been.

I am untouchable—

a spider, spinning his web

because I have to, from some base instinct.

I embrace socialism and hate capitalism (but not very much).

I love any system, I can beat.

I look into my backseat,

at my golf clubs, and three coffee mugs

I wonder, at the clean cars of the world—those empty people, in steel shells.

I laugh at human ignorance.

I laugh at myself.

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