The Great Hunter sets them,

and like a Great Hunter,

he is invisible to his Prey.

His prey walks into them

as if

the hunted



Human Traps are Everywhere. They are baited with desire.

A man must become crazy like a fox, to escape them.

Ordinary people

love to watch celebrities stuck in traps, and they take pleasure in their public humiliation.

Like the Great Hunter, a wise man is invisible, and he watches where he steps.

It’s no good to get stuck in your own traps; most people do.

A wise man doesn’t tell other people that he is wise.

People think wisdom is useless because they can’t see the traps.

The Fool thinks he is wise, so he doesn’t get married, for fear of losing his peace, and he dies without love.

There is always one more lesson to learn.

Writing can trap you.

Wealth can trap you.

Women can trap you.

Wisdom can trap you.

What you think about

can trap you,

so, the Master doesn’t think.

He is content.

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