1. A life well spent, is a life well earned.

2. Wherever you go, people want to own you.

3. I look back at my college years with memories of victory; not because I won anything, but because I discovered what I wanted to do.

4. A man who knows what he loves, and does what he loves, can appreciate every moment of his life.

5. I catch myself talking, and not saying anything. Then, I include more facts. Then, I stop talking. Spouting facts, is a sure sign that you have lost the way.

6. My whole life is a search for the great man, and how to become him.

7. Change is easy, when you know what you want to change into. It’s as easy as doing the work.

8. I look forward to each morning when I lay in bed and write. I drink espresso shots. It’s lovely.

9. Making lots of money, will buy lots of things. What can’t be bought? Think about it. Now you know why people aren’t happy.

10. I don’t feel the need to prove myself, but that doesn’t stop people from saying things. What changed? I am the master.

11. I want to live in peace.

12. I am blessed to know many people who are dead. They speak to me through the pages of old books.

13. In Christian circles, there are so many witticisms and sayings to cover up lack of belief. For instance, “God gave you a brain. He expects you to use it, to solve your own problems.” My response, “If I can do everything by myself, where is God, and what significance does He have in my life?” And believe it or not, there are five sayings to counteract that saying, and then they look at you like a blasphemer.

14. You got to love Christian folks, just like Jesus loved the Pharisees. He called them a brood of vipers, so I think it’s fair to say, my biggest comfort is knowing they will all go to hell. Just think how many people listen to them, and don’t want to have anything to do with Jesus. It says in the Bible, it would be better to have a millstone wrapped around your neck and to be drown in the deepest ocean, than to lead others astray. Narrow is the way to salvation; broad, the way to destruction. One must realize that an experience with God, has nothing to do with the modern-day church.

14. I want faith to move mountains. When I tell believers this, they say mountains are metaphorical, or you want to use God for your own purposes. Christians are so predictable. If a man has the faith of a mustard seed, he can move mountains. Mountains are significant because they are enormous. There is nothing metaphorical about them. People just don’t have faith. Jesus constantly said, “ye of little faith.”

15. Reading Chinese wisdom from 4,000 years ago is the most addicting activity under the sun. I can relate to somebody from a different culture and time.

16. Writing is a gamble. Sometimes, I get lucky. The only way to win, is to keep writing.

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