You can always tell a government bureaucrat

by the shit coming out of their ass.

They have a brown stain there, where their brain is

and they sit on it

day after day.

To get promoted, they consult with the other asses

that they kiss

to get ahead. You can spot them, by their self-important double chins

that waggle

to the orders of higher-ups. They are proud of doing what they are told.

“I just got my booster shot!” He said.

He thinks he’s an example to us all, and he is.

He’s an example of an idiot, a fool, and a nincompoop.

I never understood history, until I got a job working in a bureaucracy.

Now, The Eichmann Defense, makes sense.

I can see the banality of evil there, behind their masks.

When they take them off, their faces are nondescript


they follow the script they are given,

and when it says, “to kill”

they kill,

and when it says, “to sterilize”

they sterilize

and when it says “to tell on their neighbors”

they tell on their neighbors.

People are so Predictable.

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