It might not be fair, to exercise our judgement

based on first impressions alone,

second glance looks,

three-way conversations,

and four way stops.

We can’t see inside someone else’s soul

though, we are wary of a serial killer with a knife

who claims to be reformed, and has a glint of evil in his eye,

while he cuts the red velvet cake.

We might feel someone is beyond redemption—that they aren’t worth the risks, but

what do we risk, if we accept someone, again?

Maybe, the most power words we can say to ourselves are, “You can’t hurt me.”

We are only as vulnerable as we allow ourselves to be.

The fear of being taken advantage of


and misunderstood

is real,

and it happens all the time.

If we close ourselves off, it will happen again.

If we show people who we really are, they will gradually get to know who we really are.

As we get older, we can see the risks, or is it that we become more conservative and closed off?

Why not venture far, beyond our limits?


the risks

aren’t worth it.

A man who has gone to war

appreciates peace.

A peaceful man

avoids war,

and all of the things

that could interfere with his peace.

Writing about what scares me

is honesty.

As a careful person, I enjoy my careful life

but there are moments

when I step into the sublime

with the help of a good friend.

We can be better with the people we trust, if we recognize that friendship blinds us.

It makes us see people through rose-colored glasses.

We see red, and we love who we know.

We see red, and we hate who we don’t know.

I understand when someone says,

“Never again!”

I ask you,

“Why not?”

8 thoughts on “Choose to Be Vulnerable, or Not.

  1. In allowing, someone who, hurt us before, back into our lives, we are, only, allowing the person, to, repeatedly, abuse us, because, the individual will, never change, we are just, misled into believing that s/he would, and, we get, stuck, in this, vicious, cycle, and that’s, not good, at, all.

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  2. Good piece, with interesting thoughts. People can break out of an addiction, of course – whether that be drugs or narcissism – but what led them into it stays with them until they can resolve it. I support the idea that we are only hurt emotionally when we, too, become party to the ‘injury drama’. If we offer a vulnerability to the world then there will always be some who use it to their advantage. We don’t have to become ‘hard’ and emotionless; we merely need to know our own, inner strength and not give it away for tricks and treats.

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