I hate it.

My whole life, I have had to fight against it.

My teacher said, “Andy, I can tell you want to do the right thing…”

or, “You’re a good boy, but right now, you’re being bad.”

“Why do some people get away with everything?” My friend asked me at a party.

“It’s because they’ve been accepted as a scoundrel. If they act any other way, people get confused. We, have always tried to be good boys.”

“I hate it,” he said. “I need to change my identity.”

“Sorry man. It’s too late.”

Now, he has changed how he acts. “I’m an extrovert,” he said with superiority.

He wears gold chains, silk shirts, and leather boots.

“What we need to do, is look like that.” My friend was pointing to a guy who was kite surfing. He was muscular and had a good sense of style.

“No doubt,” I said.

We went out in public.

A sales woman told me I was solid. She looked at my friend… “You’re trouble.”

My friend didn’t like that. He wanted to be a good boy and a bad boy at the same time.

“Actually, I’m a post-doctoral researcher,” he said.

“Oh—I was wrong about you. You’re a good boy.”

“No. NO. NO!” My friend complained.

He wants to have it both ways.

If you want a criminal record to impress a certain type of woman, you have to do jail time. That’s a deal breaker for most people. Plus, it can be hard to get a job.

We kept running into these girls that my friend had talked-up, at various times.

The other day, I had told him that I was in danger of experiencing envy, on his behalf. He is doing quite well, with the ladies.

This pleased him, but worried him at the same time.

He has a hot girlfriend, and his new status as a player, is getting in the way of his long-term relationship.

His sister suggested that she could hook me up on a date.

“Oh—maybe, I’ll message her,” my friend said.

“You want all the women for yourself,” I complained.

He smiled.

My friend knows he can’t date them all, but he wants to.

He wants to be disreputable, but he doesn’t want that to affect his reputation.

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