They say one thing, to cover up another. It’s human nature.

Being a student of faces

is my deep pleasure.

I am blessed with their daily puzzles.

How I perceive the game

and the games within a game,

will determine

whether or not

I win.

I don’t like to look at these faces,


I think about them, just the same.

The lessons that they teach

are infinity

between a smile and a frown.

I watch human behavior

and write it down.

My friend observed, “You don’t buy expensive things.”

“Wisdom is my reward,” I said, tongue and cheek.

The value of wisdom is the sum total of the best human emotions:

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Without wisdom, we are ruled by the faces.

I am curious about the mirrors I look into.

I see myself there.

I see fake faces, everywhere, that don’t reflect.

I see vampires

and kind people.

I drink from the well of words.

Nobody wants to read something that isn’t real

They get enough of that in real life.

We know the truth when we see it, and that’s wisdom

We must walk in the light,

because the darkness is full of faces.

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