without imagination

are always trying to size me up

What does he do for a living?

Okay. He’s a psychologist. Not bad.

What are his hobbies?

Piano. Golf. Poetry. Reading.

Okay, a bit of a bore.

He’s not bad looking. Tall. Handsome. A bit fat.

Okay. I can work with that.

Oh no. He thinks he’s great. An ego maniac.

He wants his life to be poetry. He’ll end up living in poverty.

He doesn’t have his feet on the ground.

He’s suicidal. He romanticizes death. He hates the 9 to 5.

He wants to go on a quest.

He writes poetry like a school boy and he believes public taste will catch up with him.

He’s disgusting. His poetry is worse than a public toilet.

Oh well. He’s nothing. I always knew that.

He has no chance.

I’ll go on a date with Henry.

He’s an Accountant.

4 thoughts on “Women Size Me Up

  1. You definitely have a type, you seem quixotic and like you hate yourself and like chasing people who not only don’t want you, but see you as an outsider. Your content reminds me of a man who grew up in the 80s and it’s always fascinating to read.

    None of your content is boring or bad, but I can see someone who wants to have a normal life and doesn’t want to take care of someone or hang out with someone that stresses them out and reminds them of the horrors of life, would ignore someone like you.

    I had a teacher in high school that has a youngish wife, tons of children with her, and made art and really liked psychology even though he just seemed like he was looking for an escape. He claims he had friends, which I don’t doubt, but he always said he was lonely. His social media was edgy and quite funny going through—thing is, he’s older than you and he’s still down bad and way worse than you. He’s reaching sixty and his wife and her children are young and he’s immature. Depression can make some people hard to deal with—he probably was cranky that his art wasn’t impressive to people and he worked in a school climate, but then he retired after working and still has kids under the age of eight and a baby along the way who need food and money coming in.

    I don’t know if he enjoys his life, he thinks he’s ugly, and spends time picking people’s heads and even making art that’s his mood and I wonder if he just needs help or therapy.

    I don’t doubt that he wants to just be normal, but it’s like smashing a square block into a circle box. It might fit but it wasn’t supposed to.

    Anyway, you’re doing way better than him. I hope your future improves and your mental health gets better.

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    1. You and me, both! I feel like my mental health is okay. It goes up and down like anybody else. In my lows, I write differently than in my highs. I have been taking vitamin d, getting more sleep, exercising, and socializing, which seems to help. Thanks for your voluminous paragraphs, Feets! It really shows me that you are invested in what I write. I just try to be honest. There are too many lies in everyday life. Sorry for the late reply. My life has been crazy!

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      1. Don’t apologize for being late, there’s no reason to! It’s completely fine taking your time to respond back. It’s literally no rush. We all have lives we live and have to take care of so no need to apologize.

        Thank you, however, for responding. I am invested. You are very interesting and I appreciate your honesty, it’s the best part of your work. I’m a very honest person, and even though some of my perceptions are strange to others, I believe full heartedly in them and I admire people that do that too.😂

        And hey, you sound like you’re taking care of yourself. That’s amazing.😊

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