When the good books are read

and the music

is gone

what will I do?

I mean, it has been a line of words that has kept me going (for some, it’s a line of coke)


some great symphony

from 300 years ago.

Maybe, God gave us dementia so that we will forget

and appreciate genius again.

The world is full of stupid envious people who want to destroy.

Nobody thinks to burn the libraries, anymore,

because those who would, never open a book. They don’t know the power, inside.

They deface what they can see.

I’m getting older, and the world marches on to the music of the centuries

with beautiful and ugly sound.

I have noticed that the girls stay the same.

They torture the young men and the old, preparing for nature’s rehearsal.

True beauty has sharp edges that can cut a heart of stone.

I look into the mirror

and see thinning hair.

All these years, I wasn’t willing to trade what I couldn’t see for a diamond.

Friends will appreciate your good qualities,

but they will never be able to fully see into your soul.

Something has protected me

and preserved me—

it gives me urgency,

to write these lines down.

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