Without the flesh

the spirit is all that I have left


I’m not a saint,

and nor do I want to be


I only want to be

what I was meant to be

and if there are rules

for me

so be it.

We can’t escape the rules

it’s a laughing room, with no time left

it’s a dream, that will never come true

it’s a climax, without any pleasure

it’s knowing, the better part of your life is over

and you took yourself seriously, but nobody else did.

You watched in agony

as they smiled at you

the seconds ticking by, while they said, “You’re not special. Did you think you were? You really are a bore.”

It’s enough to hide from the human race, forevermore

Not because you’re frightened of it

but because

it feels better

not to be around it.

I don’t need to be worshiped. I need to know

there is something beyond it

and the only way to know that

is to go out on your own

and do it

before it’s too late.

Standing on the outside, in the rain

when it’s warm inside

doesn’t make much sense,

and they won’t forgive you, for choosing the cold.

If you come knocking, they will say,

“Did you think you were better than us?”

“No. I only hoped so.”

There has to be music,

sword play,

and romance.

I wonder at the women who didn’t wonder at me

They wonder why I didn’t wonder about them

It’s a wonderful world.

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