I like words

but words are deceptive.

We deceive ourselves, by the things we say to ourselves.

I look at myself, in the mirror, and I can tell

regardless, of what I say

to myself.

Basically, you will need to choose the language inside of you

and trust that it makes sense

even when (or especially when) it doesn’t make sense to others.

Language is for communicating, but it’s different than the gut

different than the body

different than the energy that overwhelms you

and everybody.

It’s rare to find someone who is totally present

It’s a gift few people give to others

I believe in planning and doing new things

but often, our lack of success, is not being in harmony

with the way.

Language doesn’t work, if the spirit isn’t there

Have you ever had a friend say they care, but their words didn’t ring true?

The words we choose are important, but who we are

speaks volumes.

Wisdom comes through

It’s how we do life

The alternative is confusion

and the slow weakening of the will.

People don’t quit, all at once—they do it, like they are gasping for air and too tired to breathe.

They babel into a plastic bag, and suffocate their soul.

Any writer knows, that they are only as good as the last line they wrote.

This is true for the spirit.

I have read words, and felt the power coming from the other side

I have read words, and felt a sickening sensation in my gut

I have read words, and known they were written for money

I have read words, that changed my life and became my best friend

I would’ve never thought this was possible

I have read words, that changed the course of my life

It wasn’t a choice.

Many people are grasping for power because they don’t have it, and they will never get it

They climb higher, but they become weaker for their efforts.

Your spirit becomes stronger, when you don’t deceive it—

when you listen to the language inside of you.

There are so many lies, to steal your soul.

Build-up the strength inside of you

It’s very real.

10 thoughts on “Without Words

  1. I am trying to change the words in my head. It is hard. Sometimes I read a line in a story or a poem and I am like dammmmnnnn it hit me in the heart. I know what you mean about people writing words for money, sex sells. James Patterson and his 50 books a year “co-written.” Some words can hold pure magic, and others can make your heart break. I really enjoyed this poem today.

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  2. Words are a living form birthed by consciousness and as with any form it is the energy beneath it that matters. A single word can open the door to a universe of memories from ourselves to another. The universes associated with our choice of words resonant like a sounding gong.
    Great post.
    If it is for art and enhancement instead of profit alone, may be the difference between a wordsmith and a wordmonger.

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      1. Amazing things they are. I had a chance to take a six week Spanish class in Mexico, I passed. The frustrating thing was the absence of the slight differences in meaning you lose when you don’t know the vocabulary. I can say for certain, ” No habló Español ” but I sure had fun.

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