I don’t know why

friends are difficult to come by.

It’s easy to be friendly, but people don’t even do that.

Just think what the world would be like

with smiles


and kind words.

It would be an ocean of grace.

I don’t know why

the smartest people are angry

and the most sophisticated

don’t care.

They exit the opera

and critique

what isn’t real

what isn’t there

They don’t feel


for the starving man

on the sidewalk

who doesn’t know who he is.

I went to the library and there was nobody there

I returned my DVDs

I saw a homeless man, eating out of the trash.

“Have a great weekend!” He waved to me.

“Thank you, sir!” I said.

And he skipped down the sidewalk.

I have never seen him hold a sign.

People voluntarily buy him sandwiches.

He’s black

and he jumps up and down

with a bright smile

on his face.

He might be an angel.

I went to church

and nobody looked at me

waved to me

or said a kind word to me.

It was a desert,

but I smiled inside

because of my homeless friend.

5 thoughts on “My Homeless Friend

  1. A church in which no one looks at you, waves to you, or says a kind word to you is no church at all, in my mind. No wonder Jesus spent his time on the streets, so to speak, where real life happens and was more at home with homeless man. Insightful look at the human condition and reminder to be human!

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