When I was young

I used to get lonely.

I suffered, and nobody cared.

I watched the tiny girls

going to big parties.

I went to my minimum wage job.

I didn’t feel bad about it.

Now, I go to a social group, because my friend goes there,

and the tiny boys

call me up

and ask me if I have any friends.

Girls are hyperaware of social value,

and they do not associate with boys who are less than them.

Many, will never figure-out the social game

because it requires

a willingness to lose.

Social rejection is the worst pain a person can feel.

Why are some people popular? Nobody knows,

and rarely

does a player advance in the social game fast enough.

They age out.

When you are 30, the game will change

and when you are 40, checkers turns into chess.

People die off

They lose their looks

Perhaps, they’ll have a stroke.

They won’t be articulate.

They’ll be sequestered in nursing homes,

or put in the corner of a big house

fed by a housekeeper

who makes minimum wage

and has no chance.

These past popular people

will look at their yearbooks

and remember

how superior they were.

They thought loneliness haunted them when nobody was around

but loneliness requires ghosts.

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