We want a woman who never gets old

Each new word she says, is fresh

like a healthy salad.

Each time we make love,

we are young again.

We want tanned muscles

to feel like, we’re always on vacation.

We want to swim with dangerous women.

We want a perfect golf swing

polo shirts

a library

of golden books—

what a treasure.

We want to do

what we want to do

and we don’t want a woman

to tell us what to do.

We want to feel free,

under the ocean.

We don’t want to be cornered-off

in cubicles, unable to say

what we want to say.

We don’t want a checklist.

We want a blank page.

We will fill it

when we are ready.

9 thoughts on “What Men Want

  1. Is that what you really want or do you want to be ideal and normal or fit in? I hear men say this a lot and it is amusing and I hear women want to be on the other side and it’s amusing as well. Why do you want it? How would it help you life? Do you know anyone who lives like this (other than a young wife)? Are you just unhappy and this is a dream to help you stay comfortable?

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