I can see it now

mind, totally gone

hope gone

laughing, uncontrollably

totally free.

I dive under my bed

to hide from a demon.

I drink wine, and type.

Somehow, I manage to hold down a government job

I have to take my mental illness days (all of them)

Now, I can take 5 in a row, without a doctor’s note.

The school district knows, teachers are crazy. That’s why they have made allowances in our contract.

My mother will say, “I told you so. This is what happens when you go your own way.”

I have 3 different STDs, from 3 different women.

Nothing makes sense to me.

My father shakes his head, at the mere mention of my name.

“He went off the deep end and he couldn’t swim. Our son drowned, in his own degradation.”

I swim under the superficial fire of society and emerge, unscathed.

The beauty of a depraved life, is when you can paint with the ugliness.

All the colors of disgust

merge into a brilliant flow of genius.

The good and bad worship your name,


of their mountains of criticism

that keep you

in shadow.

The mounting wave

causes men to cry out to God.

I say,

“Come take me now, you bastard!”

There is triumph in death

but many

don’t know this.

They ask for mercy

They plead before the sword

Their rolling heads, are like the slaughtered expressions of babies

They have no steel smile that grins beyond the grave.

I read poetry, on my worst day

and smile.

I listen to the great composers.

Thank God.

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