Blank, I’m drawing a Blank

it’s an easy thing to draw

just stare, with your mind

into nothing.

There are people who erase your mind

with their conversations, with their hate, with their love

They don’t inspire anything.

The worst feeling, is to have plenty of time

and nothing to do with it

but wait.

The Special Education Teachers are kinder to me now

They invite me to their meetings at 7 AM

They ask me to do little favors for them, like, “Please print out this form.”

And I do it.

I liked it better

when they were full of hate. “He’s useless!” They said.

They wouldn’t invite me to their meetings

or out to lunch.

Now, they make me wait,

while they talk endlessly,

and then graciously

give me 30 seconds, so that I know I’m one of them.

Their lives are all a waste,

and the garbage gets put in the same place.

All the games they played

All the victories they won

meant nothing to me.

A worthy enemy, will teach you things about yourself

will inspire energy,

from the darkest parts of your soul.

The crushing 9 to 5 is a garbage compactor

The will to stay alive

is slowly compressed.

We need concentration camps


duels to the death



and most of all, something new

that doesn’t stink.

Most of it

has been



and reused.

They won’t even ask, “Where did the time go?”

They’ll lock themselves in their bathrooms

due to an uneasy feeling.

Their doctors will say they’re healthy—that they have 30 more years…

What will they do?

The landfills are full of their inspiration

and their garbage is piling-up by the side of the road.

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