they dance around in these skimpy suits

they hang from the flying trapeze

they balance on the beam

they jump




on the trampoline,

and their butts and breasts and smiles are beautiful.

It’s torture

and pleasure, at the same time.

More than exercise

They sweat, while looking me in the eyes

and they’re doing it

from inside

my head.

Women, in seductive poses

walking like cats

across every bored man’s brain.

Women capture his imagination,

like a mouse, with nowhere to run.

Their claws are a prison


to tear him apart.

What do we know about the woman?

She smells good.

She looks good.

It isn’t what they say, but how they say it

the feminine way.

A man can spend 6 months in the wilderness and

come back to civilization

Not for a good book

but for a woman.

He is always coming back to her.

He came out of her.

He has her

on the brain.

Life would be ugly without her

Life would be dull

without her mystery.

6 thoughts on “Women on the Brain

      1. It’s so refreshing to hear that, Nancy! It never feels good to be looked at like you’re a monster because of your gender. In fact, I sometimes think I’m transforming from a nice guy into a monster because I have been treated that way. Oh well, I try to practice what Marcus A. says: Don’t give others the satisfaction of treating them the way they treated you. Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

        Liked by 1 person

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