“What are you going to do?” I asked Charles.

“I’m going to kill every man who touched my little girl. Are you coming?”

I felt the weight of the gun in my hands.

“Let’s go,” I said.

Charles had his arm in a sling, but he drove his muscle car, like he had two hands and two feet on the gas.

“Why did they take her?” I asked.

“Because I’m a dirtbag and I didn’t pay-up. If my wife finds out, she’ll leave me. When we go into the Casino, act cool.”

“What does that look like?”

“Here, smoke one of these.”

I held the cigarette in my hand, and did my best Clint Eastwood impression in the mirror.

“That’s about right, but your eyes are still soft—try these.”

He handed me a pair of sunglasses.

“Do you speak Russian?”

“Da,” I said.

“That’s the right attitude.”

We lurched to a stop, in front of two prostitutes. Their legs were long, flowing into the void.

“Excuse me ladies… where can I find your boss?”

“Mister, you are the boss. Now, tell us what you want?”

Charles, pulled out his gun, and stuck it up her skirt.

“I’ve got an itchy trigger finger, and unless you want a lead baby, I insist, you take me to your boss.”

“Well, you don’t have to be a jerk about it.”

They walked into the Casino in their high heels. I couldn’t see anything.

There were tall bouncers with submachine guns dangling from their hips. They looked at us like security cameras.

Sally, knocked on a red door.

“What is it, bitch?”

“Two men to see you, sir—or, one and a half.”

Sally looked at me, the way a whore looks at a man who can’t pay—useless.

The door opened, and we walked in.

Immediately, the clicks of several actions went off at the backs of our heads.

There were four guns pointed at us.

Leanne was sitting on the boss’s lap, like a cat. He was smoking a cigar.

“You have a charming daughter, sir. She told me what she learned in school today. How can she be so smart, while you are so stupid?”

“She gets her brains from her mother.”

“Well, what did you give her?”

“Survival skills.”

Leanne pulled a knife from her pocket and jammed it into the man’s junk.

“Ahh! You bitch! Ahh!”

“Hit the floor, honey!”

Charles pulled-out his gun and blew two body guards away. He took two bullets in the leg.

I filled their feet full of lead.

“My toes!” They screamed.

Leanne ran to her daddy, and helped him out the door.

“Daddy! Are you hit?”

“Only in the ass.”

“Mom will take care of that for you. And you…” Leanne looked at me, differently.

She gave me a hug, and a big kiss.

To be continued…

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