Does the world recognize a wise man

if the world is unwise?

And does a wise man need recognition?


There are so many jobs I don’t want to do

and so many women I don’t want to be with.

This does not mean

I don’t want to work

and I don’t want to love.


I have always wanted to be real

and for this,

to be the source of my power.


When I am sick


and manipulated

I long to be well

at peace

and in balance.

It is a constant challenge for me

to live in harmony.

Life is short,

and the journey to wisdom is long.


If we charm others, to get what we want

do other people know?

If we don’t charm others, because we don’t need anything from them

do other people care?


Our relationship to others

is everything.


I have always wanted to be listened to,

without needing to shout.


The World is saturated with Wealth

So much is free

Few men appreciate this

They don’t know their own value

because they have to compete with inflation.

All the lives of the past are like printed money.


We can’t force people to care

because we must care about other people.


I can’t claim credit for my wisdom

I want to grow

because the sun shined on me.


I don’t know why I listen to some people

and ignore others.

I don’t have a choice.

That is the secret.

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