Rejection is required

for any man

to fully accept himself,

and not just one rejection

but thousands, until

only his opinion matters

like a paper boat

riding the mountains of the deep

with no fear.

Any accepted words, in a sea of disappointments

gets smiled at

with the strongest smile

ever grinned.

It has endured

through failure.

A man can’t be a man

until he knows that he is strong enough

at his weakest moment.

It’s the man who fought in World War II

and came back

without a high school education

married a woman

or she married him

not because of his possessions

but for the toughness he possessed

like Beef Jerky.

We listen to ourselves

long enough

to find ourselves,

even when the wind blows us farther out to sea

and the land vanishes, like a lost hope

like, our sense of safety.

What will we put our security in?

A ship in a bottle—isn’t a ship at all

A ship accepts the storm

and rides

what it can’t control

what it knows, might very well swallow it whole.


is about your willingness

to overcome impossible odds

it’s the explorer

the fighter

the man,

who is undefeated

even in defeat.


14 thoughts on “Rejection is Required

      1. Ohoho, me too. It’s been horrible. I’ve been sensitive all my life and terrible, but worse when I told everyone. Social media where it’s appropriate is the best. People also make vulnerability so hard when they use it against you. Whatever, we all learn!

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