My daddy used to say

some people go on a journey

while others are taken.

Some are taken right here, right now

while others wait patiently.

People know they are Pretending

and all they can do is pretend.

They are searching for agony

but they don’t know it yet.

They get so confused

going to this place

and that

and not really getting anywhere—

They want love

but all they manage

to do

is to get in and out

of relationships.

Maybe a dating app

will help


to find it?

It’s missing

because they don’t know what it is.

There are a thousand lessons

waiting to be learned.

We must wait patiently

to know them.

We read them

and don’t understand them.

We search for them

and don’t find them.

We have to be still…


fate will find our hiding place.


8 thoughts on “Fate Will Find Our Hiding Place

      1. Hanging onto a very fast part of the rollercoaster that keeps going down quickly and backwards into a long, dark abyss. Some times it’s easy to chillax and just ride, other times it’s just terrifying and you wonder when it’s gonna stop. Some days it’s like being in cars with other people. No telling when it’s gonna be bad but there’s some level of control and a false sense of security.☺️

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