I prayed for my friend in Florida, yesterday

I think he’s demonically oppressed

And I don’t know if spiritual beings can travel through a computer screen

but it feels like they jumped onto me, today.

They keep jumping up and down

like I’m a trampoline.

They’re tempting me, and trying to wreak havoc on my life

like a fat cubicle worker

who just ate

a big bean burrito.

I prayed for myself

Said the name of Jesus 50 times

and Chanted the Lord’s Prayer.

I don’t think I’m possessed, just oppressed—

although, you might be a better judge of that

than me,

at this time.

Please Pray for me,

but before you do,

Pray for yourself.

What harm is there, in Prayer?

That’s what I said, before I prayed for my friend in Florida


It’s been down hill

ever since.


14 thoughts on “Be Careful Who You Pray For

  1. Yup. Like the Eye of Mordor! It happens when something feels attacked, which is good in a way because it means your prayer was effective. Bad for you, but if you continue to pray in sincerity it will continue to be effective. Said force would have no need to try to deter you if it was not worried. Kick that demon’s ass! I will pray for you too!

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  2. Intent makes spiritual connections. And evil intent can flow through a connection that good intent establishes. Intent can also deflect other intent and leave it unfulfilled – falling back to the sender. We are meant to be connected in love, so that kind of intent is stronger than evil: stronger than the thoughts that tell us we’re alone and under attack. Stronger, too, than slow seduction to do things that we wouldn’t, normally do. Oppression doesn’t have to be ‘demonic’: some residual spirits – of human origin but now just shadows – want their unresolved anger to be acted out, or even believe they can feed on grief and self-destruction. Such shadows are created by people, while alive, through their own, focused intent – even if they’re not aware of doing so.

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  3. There is no harm in praying. In fact, we should pray for the betterment of our people across the globe.
    You are probably overthinking this. Or it can be Satan putting thoughts into your head.
    Either way wish you well. May you feel better soon. (Amen)

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