To the women who said “No” to me

I understand.

I didn’t then. I was mad, confused

I couldn’t convince you to “like” me

with my own logic.

It was my own narcissism, and I thought you were in love with yourself.

Now I know otherwise.

If you have something of value, it’s not your fault.

People want it, and it’s natural to wonder… Do I want to give this away, to just anybody?

I believed the lie I was taught… “Everybody is of value.”

And now I know, that’s not true.

Some people are worth more than others.

Why do you think the men go to war, and get murdered in the millions?

Why is it always, “Women and children, first.” Men are disposable, in the name of honor.

Society is built by people who have less value than others. Slaves, that work for a wage.

The women rule. They have the same rights as men, and they complain, “There’s a glass ceiling!”

And the expectations of men, are ignored.

You see, Western Society, has actively

been trying to make men weaker for years.

Now, the “good men” are difficult to find

because they never had a father, and they learned how to be a man from their Public School Teacher.

She convinced him… it might not be okay

to be masculine. Do you want to be oppressive to women?

Of course not, he thinks

“Then it’s probably better to identify as an alien.”

And the girls grow up, and they can only find men to abduct them.

It took decades to know

what I have, and I’m not going to sacrifice that (to anyone or anything).

Am I selfish? Maybe.

Now, I know what it’s like to have value

and the pretty girls

aren’t pretty anymore. They’re ugly.

They started this game

holding all of the cards,

while I had to bluff, to get their attention

and now,

I gamble on myself.

8 thoughts on “To the women who said “No” to me

  1. ouch … I beg to disagree!

    Here women go off to fight the wars they also give birth, care for and nurture while still holding down important jobs that they get paid for at a much lower rate than any man …

    Liked by 1 person

      1. and the women aren’t raped and abused … in every war and culture since beginningless time! And on a daily basis in their own home, many “men” not needing war as an excuse for degrading behaviour ….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. but completely HONEST and realistic … I also grew up with the aftermath of a war damaged father, worked for years with war vets and must conclude that those who died might have had it easier 😦

        Main aim is to STOP all wars, they are wholesale slaughter purely for the profit of gun runners


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