My friend was undermining my confidence. It wasn’t personal. We just liked the same girl.

“I didn’t know what she’d do, when she saw you,” he said. “Maybe, she’d scream. I was worried. She actually seemed happy to see you.”

Years had passed, and suddenly, she showed-up like the perfect storm.

For this to happen, I stayed put—

She flew in from some country in Africa… I forget where.

And my friend landed a job in the States, and moved back from Israel.

I asked this girl out, three times, and was turned down each time, but that was years ago.

My friend had shown interest too, but she said, “Girls don’t like skinny guys.”

He’s been butt-hurt, ever since.

I’m about the same. My excuse? I’m a writer.

They’ve both been in and out of relationships. I’ve gotten to know myself better.

That has to count for something.

One other detail, we’re all runners.

The day of our big date was drawing closer, like a poorly planned impressionist painting.

We were supposed to go hiking, so I was running, to get into shape.

My friend was hunched over his computer screen, doing work for his big tech job, so I had the advantage.

I went to the Lake Youngs Reservoir, which is a 9-mile trail around the water-supply.

Suburban homes dotted the landscape.

I began running.

Periodically, there were footpaths, leading out of neighborhoods, and cute girls wearing spandex, that joined me on the trail.

They smiled at me. I smiled back.

It was a strange coincidence, that so many beautiful women decided to go running on that foggy Sunday.

There were no men. Only me.

One blond bombshell was wearing a neon halter top. She must’ve been worried about being hit by a car.

I said “hi” to a few of them, but they looked at me, as if I was crazy.

That’s when I saw him—the ultimate stud—tanned pecks and a muscular back, running in spandex. There was a group of girls around him, giggling.

I wanted to catch him in the fog, to ask him what his secret was…

Then, I saw him again, through the mist. He was coated in grey body hair. His face was like a dog.

I slowed down. He turned around.

The moon was full. Then, he started to chase me. I ran faster than I ever thought was possible.

Those girls meant nothing to me.

I got into my pickup, and the werewolf knocked on my window.

“I’ll kick your ass,” he said.

“What’s your secret?”

“Eat lots of red meat, and do the other thing.”

“What other thing?”

“If you don’t know, I can’t help you.” He put his arms on four of them, and they all laughed.

I drove away, looking for the nearest church.


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