I don’t want to


that I know

the struggles

of women.

I’ve spent much of my life alone

and if I have any chance of becoming a poet

it’s because my mind hasn’t been polluted with too many conversations.

Oh—you need them (don’t get me wrong), but unless you spend the time

to make up your own mind

you will get caught in the collective one (that place is hell, by the way)


Your emotions are their emotions


Your thoughts, are their thoughts


Your brain, is their brain


When this happens, there is no escape—

It’s impossible to brace-up against reality

when you can’t separate yourself

with a personal philosophy.

There are support groups for the socially shunned,

but even these people have rules.

You can’t get away from them,

unless you are alone.

Many of us,

are living a parallel existence.

I used to be lonely, but now

I know

other people can’t save me.

A girl

can’t fix my problem

(if that is what it is).

I check-in

with the ones I dated



They’re still single.

What happened in the 21st Century?

It’s 100 years of being alone.

I didn’t choose this.

I had to get used to this.

I cope with this.

I save myself, every day.

The average man and woman

looks at themselves, like a Zoom call…

I want attention. It has everything to do with me.

Instagram Girls getting older


We care more about our mirrors, than each other.

How does this reflect upon me?

If I go out with him or her

what does that say about me?

They’re too needy. They want a relationship too fast. I’m not ready.

I want to date other people.

When I’m with a girl, the other girls look at me, so I always want her by my side.

I get in and out of relationships

like I’m trying on new clothes.

This one is out of fashion

That one shrunk

My sweater bleeds

I don’t want pink stains of love on my white top.

I know I’m not perfect. I know I’m not pure,

but none of us are.

Don’t judge me. I’m just going to post this photo. Wait for me.

I’m talking to you, even though

I’m talking to someone else.

You matter to me, even though

I forgot.

I’m not ready. Can’t you see? Don’t be so needy.

That person in the mirror won’t love me.

Why not?


2 thoughts on “That Person in the Mirror Won’t Love Me. Why Not?

  1. I like this one. And yes, one who thinks the same as everyone else is but a pale immitation. It takes a strong soul to want to be with their own company, for their highs and lows. Because alone one is more comfortable than with a thousand miscomprehensions. Not the subtle type either. But one does long in the dark of the night, in the never ending days, that perhaps one day, when enough is acquired, that one has promise, the loving season can start again. And most, I believe believe this, that they must prevent the pain, the poverty, the ugliness and the difficulty they grew up with, at any costs, from being put on their offspring. So that an everlasting love, light as spring, may endure. When one has found enough love for all the good things that they are without effort and with effort, they’ll release themselves from the prison the hold themselves accountable to: perfection.

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