“Somebody said,

that you don’t have a lot going on up there,

but I reassured her,

this can’t be true.

Obviously, you do,

but you walk around

like your head is someplace else.

There’s a student at school

who reminds me of you

He told me, ‘Math is difficult.’

He acts just like you.”

I’m only 35,

and now, I’m in serious cognitive decline.

It’s always been this way

when I spend time

around women.

They like me, and they try to help me

until I can’t help myself.

Maybe, my perception is wrong

but they dominate me

in subtle ways.

My first girlfriend admired my ignorance

until I was putty in her hands.

When I walked away from her

my brain no longer belonged to her

and the gray matter

was left


Women give me headaches

and then

they relax me

until I don’t have any control

I just let everything go

like an old man.

The world of women is comfortable

until I’m their baby.

I would prefer to die

without any soft, kind, loving



5 thoughts on “I just let everything go, like an old man.

      1. Definitely so. They’re not different creatures. They’re humans. You don’t have to impressive or amazing, just normal and secure.


  1. Some of your writing is evidently ‘impressionist’ and some appears to be ‘life’ based. I can’t whether you’re writing the latter from personal experience or from imagination of possible experience. I like that ambiguity in your poems. Either way, keep exploring. 🙂

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