“How do you stay up at night

and write

and then go to the job the next day?” He asked.


it boils down to energy.

If you have it, you can cook the frog,

but if you don’t

it’s going to make polliwogs.”

People complain that they don’t have enough

and then they try to hold onto what they have


they are selfish.

But they can’t catch any fish, with that attitude,

and what they do have


They should shoot themselves in the head


there are too many bullet holes in their feet.

If you live without limits,

the sky falls away.

Give away everything that you have

with a happy heart

and feel good about it.

It’s your negative feelings

like resentment

that suck the life out of you

like a 30-dollar prostitute.

If it’s free,

they’ve stolen more than your money

and you think

you’ve gotten away with it.

Selfishness is the ultimate con.

Be generous.


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