is a rare feeling for me

you see, I have to completely ignore reality

and put a rose-colored coating

on the picture

like a film

teachers believe

helps kids with dyslexia


Feeling Good


when I pray.

The room is filled with gold light

and my wish

is the command of God.

Feeling Good

is what I do

when I read my old poems

from 5 years ago.

They’re better than I thought they were

and I wonder why

they never got published.

Feeling Good

is when I wake-up in the morning

without an alarm

and I have two hours

before the work day

to feel good.

Feeling Good

is when anything is possible

and it’s probable.

Feeling Good

is the ultimate feeling

it’s more than a feeling

it’s dreaming

it’s faith in the dark

and you know it’s going to come true.

It’s like your birthday

or Christmas—

there’s magic in the air.

You’re just waiting,

for it to happen.

These sorts of thoughts, might be coming from a desperate man

and I am.

I find myself watching videos

with women who believe in crystals

and they talk about universal love.

There’s a guy

who hangs-out in the woods

and makes videos.

He seems happy.

Lately, I’ve been asking people to pray for me,

as if, I might be able to change God’s mind,

and only a few,

will do it fervently.

I talked to a guy

who prays all the time.

He doesn’t have anything else to do.

“God is with you,” he said. “I can tell. Most people are negative 9. Now, it might be that you bring them up to a negative 8. I would say, when you accept Jesus, you’re at 0, or maybe plus 1. This scale goes up to positive 3. You just transitioned, man. Congratulations.”

I am now

a full-fledged evangelist

at positive 3

and it’s my goal

to make everyone feel good.


6 thoughts on “Feeling Good at Positive 3

  1. Sounds like a great message here. Sometimes some great depth of thought emerges from apparent desperation. No one deserves to make you feel like your poetry isn’t adequate however as that isn’t fair on you 🙂 Honest answer I found the poem deep and thought provoking so thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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