I only have simple words

for a simple life.

What happens when it gets complicated?


I imagine

the leprechauns are on my side,

but magic is a fickle friend.


I end-up in social situations

where I am supposed to say the right things

but I say the wrong things,


and again

because they sound better.


I don’t know why, but women

usually women (probably because I am around them more often than men)

want to bring me back to earth.

I don’t say where I am

but they know

and they don’t like it.


It’s the subtle things that kill you—

a look, a casual remark,

a day, when the sun goes down,

and no gold is found.


A man ought to have a purpose

a dream

a willingness, to risk it all.


If people don’t see my greatness

but I do

and I walk in the footsteps of the imaginary man

I will find him.


Spend enough time in the wrong place

and you will know, instantly

where the right one is

when you find it.


If a meeting has no agenda,

people talk about their own agenda

and it’s always

how much they know

and how great they are—

a total bore.


Old people are afraid of being obsolete

Young people are afraid of being irrelevant

Children want to be Adults

Is this a pattern?

People want to be significant,

but it takes

constant risks

to have occasional rewards.


A simple life

is satisfying.

If you throw one ball into the air,

it’s easy to catch.

Juggling a dozen, is entertaining

but failure is inevitable.

We all drop the ball.

If we need 12 balls to be happy,

what happens

when they all fall?




6 thoughts on “Aphorisms on Juggling, and NOT Dropping the Ball

  1. The main secret about juggling is learning to pass. (This is true by the way; I used to do this art.) So, it is not the number of balls, though a minimum of 3 is required if you have 2 hands, but the form and rhythm and regularity… this is what allows you to pass with other jugglers of your approximate skill.

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