Brown hair

Brown eyes

Wilder than a pussy cat

She taunts me

She flaunts her smile

I try

to pet her

She controls me

with her mouth


I don’t give a damn

She puts her claws into me

and stretches her backside

into my face.

She wants me

“Get off!”

I slap her down

She hops onto my lap, again

and kisses me

with her sandpaper tongue.

With this Woman

it’s impossible to have an intellectual conversation

but do I want to?

I dominate others, with what I want

She uses me, and discards me

then hops off.

She prances

and then

looks behind her.

I don’t have any words left.

Why does she stick around?

She’ll leave

just as quickly as she came.

I’ll say, “Here kitty kitty…”

and she won’t answer.


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