At my apartment complex…

that’s where the imbeciles are

I see them walking to their cars, constantly.

Hey, I can see myself down there.

I live on the 3rd floor,

and my better-half is down there.

I’m not married

or in any kind of relationship.

It’s my good self

Not the judgmental poet

who is mental,

most of the time

hanging-out, like a bat.

He talks to himself

(The first sign of insanity)

Although, it could be worse…

I always figured, I would be the best at life

but the prettiest girl

in middle school

married an electrician

and pumped-out 5 babies

and they can’t pay the rent.

In 7th grade, she told me, “You’re mean.”

When I wouldn’t buy her lunch.

Now, she complains about it

on Facebook,

and doesn’t do a damn thing

but ride her bicycle down the street

and vote Democrat.

She hasn’t changed.

Have I?

I got good grades

I work in a middle school.

I was a Republican

and now

I don’t vote

Life is poetic.


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