Slowing down for imagination, and allowing

for observation, is the hidden figure

in a big picture.

We all know when we are living…

We are totally present, and enjoying

what’s in front of us


we accept (the good and the bad)

and maybe

that is better than enjoying it.

If you don’t want your life

If you say no to life

If you are hoping for a better life,

and not living the one that you have

You are only able to see one thing—

what you don’t want—

instead of everything.

We torture ourselves, with our limited thinking.

Most of our pain happens in our brain.

This is the reason why

we need to master our mind.

We bring it with us, wherever we go

It stands in the way


It gets left behind.

We have a mind

but we must pretend

it’s not there

and that way

it will get out of our way.


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