Poetry, is written down

but sometimes, it’s the real thing.

I had a religious experience, yesterday—found God.

That’s not to say, he wasn’t there all along

waiting for me. I don’t know exactly why it works this way.





My friend prayed for me, 3,000 miles away.

I have always known that I would live a small life without God,

a cynical one—one, based on the facts.

Anything worth doing, is found-ed on what we can’t see

what we can give, before we get anything back.

This sounds a bit, like surrendering to the flames

but if you have God, you have Love

and you can be strongest, at your most vulnerable.

I have entertained the idea of being a philosopher who slinks away

to his cave (or in my case, a studio apartment) drinking espresso shots

while writing lines,


Being alone, is not as good

as Being with God—the real POWER—the real LOVE—knowing eternity, before you take that final step into the dark.

I would give-up the emptiness of this world for God, in a heartbeat.

It only makes people angry.

God gives everything, without needing anything.

If you put your trust in a higher power, you can be directed by God.


to be, or not to be?

isn’t even a question.

This life is so short, and eternity is forever.

What’s amazing, is that you can know God in this short life.

I met the girl of my dreams, yesterday…

And when I say “dreams,” I mean, I’ve dreamed about her.

She was “the one”

and I wasn’t ready.

Now, God will make her ready

for me.

This could be my naivety, but I’m a poet—

a romantic, willing to have my high hopes dashed on the rocks of reality.

It takes faith to write a book, and to do anything worthwhile

I have been disappointed

most of my life.

I wish the President was a Poet, like Churchill

“We will fight you on the beaches… we will never surrender.”

Putin would be crapping in his pants.

A warrior-poet scares the shit out of most enemies

because they don’t consider the odds—or the mathematics of defeat.

God be with us.

God be with you.


2 thoughts on “1 Girl in a Million, When the Odds Don’t Matter, When God Knocks… and You Answer

  1. One of my favorite things about God is how he seems to work in the opposite way of the world. Like Alice in the looking glass. When we surrender, we actually win! Not giving up, just giving in. When we stop searching for love in this world and search for Him, we find both. Dreams are an important means of communication throughout the bible. I hope the Holy Spirit guides you and grants you discernment on this Eve of the celebration of the Church Triumphant! Shalom

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