Like an awkward ape-ish man

who demands

what he wants, and doesn’t get it.

He steps into his long red muscle car

a GTO—fast as hell, because he’s headed there.

“You can’t make-up for lost time,” he’s been told.

“No matter how fast you go.” But he pushes the gas-pedal to the floor, anyway.

Getting older, happens, in a second.

He is no longer, at the starting line.

People ride his bumper, and yell to go faster

He is confused.

What will he do, when he gets older—

when his reflexes are shot?

It’s a slow decline,

and then a fast drop.

He is subservient,

because his job demands that of him.

When dealing with difficult people on the phone

he speaks to them, in a deep monotone.

“Yes, of course, I will get back to you.”

It’s difficult to get angry, at a boring person.

Don’t let your colors fly

be gray


Speak in a cordial professional voice

the customer is always right

even if, they are crazy.

Put-up with shit

and they heap more on you.

The powers that be

rejoice, in their off-color melody.

If you listen to it long enough, you will go crazy.

They tell you to be conservative

save-up sex until marriage

but if you get married at 40

you will never experience a 20-year-old hard body.

Just maybe,

it won’t be what you thought it was.

Perhaps, you need to practice

to get good.

All of the experiences in the world are meaningless

but if you never have them, you will never know.

I am misunderstood.

Don’t take risks, and then say that you have.

If you are going to be proud, be that way for a reason.

Don’t let yourself be killed when you are young.

They use fear, to make you believe

Anything that leads you into faith, is like a light you follow into heaven

Those who know, don’t know

If questioned, they will pretend

The answer is, the one you write down.

It’s okay to be left behind, if you step confidently,

in the right direction.


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