Most of us

are misled,

following someone else.

I try to explain myself

and they think I’m crazier than a March Hare.

Try to follow a rabbit, and you will get lost

down rabbit holes.

I am wise and cautious, but crazy? Well… maybe.

Basically, I’ve found that what makes sense to me

doesn’t make sense to anybody.

As my self-esteem grows, those without it, get angry.

An idea takes hold of me, and I don’t want to let it go

and it won’t let go of me.

I have this obsession with flight

I’m listening to Mozart, above the clouds

Most of what I do, is a manifestation of that place

and all people seem to do

is try to pull me down.

I play music to get up there

I read poetry and philosophy.

A good suit makes me feel like a King

It’s the finer things…

Playing golf like a champion in the summer heat, with nobody watching.

I don’t know that I have the constitution to last, or even, to become my own country.

People are put-off by me,

but they misunderstand me.

I can’t help trying to get to where I want to be.

Elijah gave Elisha a double portion of his spirit

What was that?

I listen to the average monotone on the intercom

and it’s dead.

Where is that spirit that soars above the clouds?


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