There are no leaders, not really

If you do

what they tell you to do

yes, they are there.

Otherwise, they will isolate you.

Convinced, of their superiority

they make demands, on you

to be followed

to be liked

to always be right

and if you don’t go along with them

while others do

you are WRONG.

They dress in power suits, though

it’s difficult to put-on power.

They wonder where your strength comes from

day after day

like Snow White, you become more beautiful


and they hate their image

in the mirror

because it’s false.



On the Wall

They want to see you weak,

they want to see you fall

so they

can help you.


are in a society

that reaffirms itself

believes its illusions

relies on its delusions

seeks a savior

because it can’t save itself.

Those who try, are outcasts,



and then hated


society can’t stand

the one who stands alone.

If you encounter any meanness, pettiness, or insecurity

in a leader


it’s real.

We can’t expect


more or less.

Therein, lies the motivation of a man

to rule

or to be ruled

the other, is distasteful

because society can’t swallow him whole

use him

assimilate him

and then shit him out

in the graveyard

of anonymous crosses.

Significance, doesn’t need to be recognized, but it always is.

There are no unrecognized poets

They scream for attention

and the worst poetry is created.

This is why so few people enjoy poetry.

The leaders vanish

The poets vanish

The wind, stays the same

It’s invisible, and powerful

It knocks over houses

It kills people

It whispers to philosophers

Only God can tell it what to do.


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