I sit in my office


scheduling meetings

and listening to ambient music

while I organize files.

The special education teacher walks in…

She never knocks.

“Do you know what?” She asked.


“All the teachers were crying in the last meeting I was in.”


“Yes. They need to maintain some professional distance.”

She walked closer to me.

“His brother committed suicide, last year. It’s awful. Now, he watches porn all day, and jacks off.”

“That’s disgusting,” I said.

“Yes. My brother committed suicide when I was younger, but I got over it.”

“Good for you, Karen.”

She smiled.

“I wish our teachers were more professional.”

She leaned in and showed me her tits.

“Do you know that he threatened his teacher, yesterday?”

“No,” I said.

 He told her, he would kick her in the stomach and kill her baby.”

“That’s awful.”

“Yes, it is. They all want to be his mother, but he’s a bad boy.”

My eyes were getting bigger.

“It’s fucking crazy,” she said. “My team is crazy.”

She got closer to me.

Her next sentence was going to be on something worse, but there was a knock at my door, and the principal poked his head in.

“Is everything okay here?”

I tried to look up, but I was staring at two tits.

“It’s fine,” she said.

She giggled and left. She retires in two years.

The special education teachers get crazier, the older they get.

Me—I enjoy being alone, more and more

but it might make me vulnerable.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “I might be vulnerable in my office.

  1. Is this for real? If so, then don’t act like some pussy (unless you enjoy it).

    Now you know what kind of woman she is, You can set your boundaries. Be strict with her, don’t entertain her intentions.

    You can be in control, if you want to be.

    Liked by 1 person

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