Only this blank page understands me

I wish I would’ve discovered it sooner

It could’ve saved me some agony, or

I might’ve made better use of my agony.

I feel things,

and yet, those who have difficulty dealing with life

are told to feel less,

and keep it to themselves.

Being indifferent, is marvelous,

but I’m not indifferent.

My friend told me…

“They have artificial intelligence now, that can make art. The story of Elon Musk was turned into a Dr. Suess Poem by AI. Did you know, a computer-generated work of art won a contest recently?”

“No, I didn’t know that,” I said.

It seems as if the soul will be replaced.

Emotions will be manufactured like spare parts.

Eventually, ones and zeros will be everything, as they tell us to count off.

Machines, will take the place of human beings, because that’s what they wanted us to be all along.

The collectors of great art, seldom understand art, unless they do it themselves.

To them, a masterpiece is what it’s worth.

To an artist, it’s some poor bastard who had to write it down.

There isn’t a choice.

It has been said that sensitive people will fail, and get nowhere.


Because they are outnumbered by the insensitive ones, I guess, and they think we are all zeros.

Or, it’s the thought that people who dwell on their feelings can never get anything accomplished.

I say, “feelings are powerful things—understand them, and you can do anything.”

6 thoughts on “Only this blank page understands me…

  1. You really think AI would replace humans or did you need something for content? Because, I doubt it. Especially how people come after AI, I think we will be fine. 🤷🏾 In fact, it’s more likely you’ll get ignored because of a human that’s better at a craft or a skill than some AI that could think like a human with limitations.

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