The will grows in one direction, like a force of desire, which manifests creativity to achieve its ends. It is like an entirely different mind, that relies on belief and out-of-the box thinking to overcome perceived obstacles.


The will can best be described as a strange force stirring within. This other-mindedness gives an individual powers of invincibility, as if events were unfolding, in accordance with their will.


The will cannot be understood rationally, because it is a force, rather than an idea. It must be understood as a current of energy, moving in the direction of one’s destiny.


Industry without force, will fall short. This is why a great man is connected to people and things. He encourages the current to flow. He recognizes that he is an interconnected individual, and that fame is earned.


Most people think themselves to be proactive, by placing themselves at the gates of destiny, in hope that it will be opened, but the great man pushes through the gates, and does not ask permission.


The ability to transmit comes from the will, and once the will is tapped-into, the dominant vision is expressed. All great writers have the ability to make their readers feel their intimate words, as if they are being whispered to in the dark.


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