Be careful

when baring your soul to the world

because it might be ugly—

your soul,

and the world.


A man who wrestles with himself

knows he is weak

and strong. He wins and loses.

He overcomes himself and submits to himself.

A man who wrestles with God

always loses. He submits,

or he is destroyed.


A wasted day is one

we don’t care to remember.

The days we do remember

are often tragic.

People can’t remember what they had for breakfast.

Could it be, people waste their lives

for fear of failure?

A life without tragedy,

is a wasted life.


A little failure

makes a sweet life bitter,

until the flower doesn’t want to bloom

for fear of being disappointed, again.

The fullness of failure

is a delicious drink

that steps into pain

and never considers comfort, again.


A life of limited experience

is worth living, if it’s limited

by something or someone

besides yourself.

Rejection, is the ultimate experience—

the pinnacle of the profound.

When you step into life alone, without encouragement

and endure discouragement,

you find an experience uniquely your own.


My strength is difficult to measure

My knowledge, unfathomable

I make fun of what I know

I am beaten again and again

I am less than a fool, and yet

I have a purpose that is uniquely my own.


There are beautiful women, with bright flashy energy

and there are beautiful women, with sour droopy shadows

and the rest are common,

but there is a one woman

who is uncommon—

mysterious and dangerous.

She is my kind of woman.

I have to become that kind of man—

a combination

of shadows

and bright energy.


I will never stand on stage

and say something common.

If I defuse a challenge with humor

it’s not for my benefit,

but for their benefit.

They don’t want to know what I actually think.

Only a few will understand me

Many, will misunderstand me

and the majority

won’t care.


I am dangerous, but I don’t need to prove it—

it’s either evident,

or it’s not.


It’s grand

to be alone with a thought

and write it down.


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