a conversation with myself

is a conversion


a new faith, the only voice that believes in me

You see, other voices doubt me, continuously

they don’t say it out-right, usually in a guise

a disguise

of helpful advice

“Why do you write the things you do?

You could be great, you know

if you would only follow God.”

But their words

are a misunderstanding

of me.

I have had more conversations with myself,

than other people,

so that,

I agree

with only

my own opinions

and disagree

with them (not for want of doing so—it’s just that, they don’t matter to me)




of themselves





to a group

that wants consensus,

and is never certain of anything.

The leader

is always guilty

when things go wrong

and nobody volunteers to take credit

but there are always many hands raised

to receive praise

when things go right.

Why am I telling you this?

Many men lack confidence.

Usually, they have everything else

and they wonder why their power isn’t real

they aren’t real

their life

and the people in it

are false.

They are a star player

in the game of life

but they might get benched

at any moment

by the coach.

If they see


more talented

playing their own game

by themselves—

they might want to break that person

in two.

What can’t be given, must be earned.

It doesn’t matter what they think of you.

If you KNOW, this is a step beyond belief.

I rarely hear that

in bible study or church.


banishes all doubt.

It’s the most threating power

because it doesn’t consider


outside of itself.


is more frightening

than doubt.


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