It’s too late

to write that novel

you were going to write.

It’s too late

to call that girl

you were going to call.

It’s too late

to get in shape

because you are too heavy

to walk.

This may depress you

but it’s a real warning

even if,

it comes too late.

What they don’t tell you

is about the ones who try.

It’s too easy not to try

And too hard

to fail.


comes with trying.

Trust me, I know.

I am so used to rejection

I expect it

and to those morons who say, “You get what you expect.”

They don’t have a clue.

They haven’t really tried for what they want to do.

If you get what you want, easily

you should be


of that.

It’s probably,

what somebody else wants.


7 thoughts on “Too Late

  1. I can see myself in the failure, the confusion, the loss. And certainly a poetic description we have to admire, and integrate. I appreciate the knowing of another party, also interwoven in this river of emotion or depression– that is, the struggle between an individual with a lot more freedom and the one in which he wants to feel something else. Since society has no power over you or what you do, there is no way to be afraid of what you do. I think that’s what we all need now– and to continue to find out more.

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