She opened my office door.

The special education teacher with three stomachs stood before me.

“Did you get my meeting invite?” She asked.

“No,” I said.

“Well… I would like you there.”


“You don’t need to say anything. All you need to do, is bring your handsome face to my meeting.”


She left.

I exhaled.

The special education teachers have been torturing me for three years.

Now, they are trying to make-up with me.

It feels like rattlesnakes that want to cuddle,

but I keep doing my job,

just the same.

I read somewhere, that women can’t respect you, if you don’t have competence or ambition.

My ambition, is more subtle.

My competence, is understanding people.

I can’t put an airplane together, or save a human life.

All I do, is think about strange philosophies, and wonder why

I wound-up working

in public education.


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