I talked to some young men in bible study, yesterday

and they don’t believe in the power of God, today.

It’s like God used up all His energy,

making creation—

throwing a fireball down from heaven

and now, He rests, on His couch

and lets the devil run free,

tormenting lost souls.

Even I,

have my doubts…

but unlike most sceptics

I am searching

for that kind of power.

The world doesn’t seem quite real

to me.

Many inventions and medicines

are arbitrary.

We accept what we are told, but we don’t know how it works.

If you dig deep enough,

you start to find inconsistencies.

Most spiritual searchers are lazy

because they have given up.

God is a pill they swallow to feel Good

like morphine, that puts them under the sheets,

so they don’t have to be afraid of the dark.

Spirituality is about being Satisfied,

but too often, gurus lament their failure

and cling to what’s invisible.

Power and the Present and People

are real

and the ladders we choose to climb, or don’t.

If you can’t get up the ladder,

you may be tempted to sit on the ground and meditate,

but it’s unlikely you will reach God.

The same is true, for the towers we build

to heaven.

They go up high, but God is distant from our striving.


is for

a prophet who believes in his own power

and his words

don’t make the mountains move.

“Open Sesame!”

His faith, is worthless

but he tries again

and again

because something inside him

needs to believe.

2 thoughts on “Swallowing the God Pill

  1. Doubts like these are normal, especially when one is in a weak spot, but never let them empower you.

    This world is temporary, this life is temporary, and we are here to pass or fail the test. If we pass-there is heaven, if we fail-hell it is.

    So, you see, God can’t interfere all the time. Just like in examination halls. From time to time, you will see His blessings (if one wants to see). But the real fight is between the devil and us. Try to out-win him.

    Good luck!

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