It’s a major mistake

not to be curious.

I look at the bald principal.

He walks down the hallways, quickly

like he has someplace to go.

He wears suits and jeans to work

with school spirit t-shirts.

He listens to stringy-haired moms

who talk about their kids with ADHD, like he cares

He gives many non-committal grunts.

He has become his job (you know how I know?)

because when I was in middle school, my principal acted just like him.

The professions are an actor’s club

There is nobody original, who lasts very long.

When a parent makes their demands, he listens.

It comes with the job.

That is the opposite of power—

acting like somebody else.

Done long enough, you don’t know who you are

or worse, you know who you are

but you can never express that in public.


4 thoughts on “The Actor’s Club

  1. Well, there’s no doubt you’re a great writer. I just can’t figure you out and that’s what’s so entertaining and intriguing. I ask myself is he really an unmarried golf nut or a school psychologist married to someone names Maxine or a quirky teller of dead cat tales? Is his name even Andrew? Yeah, you’re good.

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