frightens me

like a flat tire, on the side of a busy freeway

and no jack,

no air pump,

no cell phone,

no people skills

to get to where I need to go.

Everybody, I know

is in such a big hurry

to get to where they need to go

that they don’t notice my predicament

or care

and why should they?

The bum along the freeway

asks me

if I have a drink of water.

He’s dirty

with a full beard

like Robinson Crusoe.

It’s easy to see

he’s not like me.

There are holes in his shoes

He’s been cooked in the sun.

He mumbles to himself.

He learned his ABCs, in elementary school, just like me, didn’t he?

Now he’s stuck on the side of the road.

Is this how it starts, with no empathy?

I can take care of myself,

but I’ll have to walk

a long way

until the sun goes down.

In the twilight

I’ll get the answer, from the rays

of light

that peak


my imagination.

It’s like a password

to a bank account

full of numbers

that don’t mean anything

until they are swiped

on a card

and they can buy anything.

Your imagination is a no limit credit card

activate it,

and pay the debt on-time—

then you can fly on the miles

and never have to walk along the freeway again.


21 thoughts on “Your imagination is a no limit credit card, activate it!

  1. When all is said and all is done sometimes quitting is the only thing left to do to save the rest of your life. I guess it depends what you fight for…..Mine was freedom. What I found instead is a country of people who lack courage and humanity. There is nothing more to fight for as now I am fighting against the same thing…..quit before you allow this life to suck you dry….quit before you waste your life for a battle you fight alone for nobody will care in the end. You will only be left exhausted by the fight you thought was just. It truly ended in a waste of my time and my childrens time. I had to quit to save my life for there is no help that you must fight for. There should never be a goal so important to you that you will fight a useless battle just for the sake of it. You are your own hero. Quit now while you can. Quit now.

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    1. I’m glad that you loved the poem, Nicole Smith! 🙂 I too struggle with depression–not chronic or severe, but life gets to me, like it gets to us all. I read a short book recently called: Darkness Visible, and I recommend it to everyone who struggles with depression. Our society doesn’t understand it, because they haven’t gone through it.

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      1. It feels even better to get a good number of viewers that views our uniqueness through writing


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