I know average people

and below average people

the averages

are rising and falling

like trees and leaves


and atomic bombs

whole cities leveled



The very below

cry-out for a drink

the basic necessities

because they can’t help themselves.

It’s an average world

with average ambition.

We don’t see the failures

only the winners.

Above average

is one small step

and hardly worth taking.

“You can have a good life”

are the words

we live by

and this mystery

we might have, slips away.

It’s a big fish

or a woman

in a white dress.

It’s a girl

you got close to

but never married.

10 years later, you see her

like it was yesterday.

The average man or woman

doesn’t know each other

Even the famous

are forgotten in a year.

Self-destruction is acceptable

as an average life

nears the curtain.

It’s played out

There is no more time for acting.


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